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Advanced Reading Loop - Reading Method

Bible Reading Method

This system sectionalizes the Christian Bible by topic into Four or Five sections to give a quicker overall understanding of the Bible. You see continuity and fulfillment in each brief reading session.

About The ARL Bible Reading Method

ARL Method Background
The method of reading Bible encourages Bible reading by frequent sampling of major topical sections.
The actual ARL Bible versions have sections with matching colored book marks for each section.



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This System is a combination of:
a) brief readings from each of 5 sections of the Bible, advancing each day, and
b) a way to track & advance selections from such broad new topical sections to:

  • accelerate understanding
  • reinforce Bible reading habit by frequent sampling of one chapter (or similar amount) from each new section in each reading session
  • use a classic Christian Bible with topical sections superimposed on it.

It's easy, fast, meaningful and inspiring!

to motivate, feel progress, experience Jesus' captivating life daily.

How it works:

  • short reading sessions often as possible, suited to readers, alone or in a group,
  • one chapter-selection per section from each section of the Bible in sequence front to back such chapters together in each reading session,
  • reading each chapter in sequence in each subsequent reading session, position marked by a bookmark,
  • keeping a position indicator bookmark at end of each chapter read (completed) in each session.(marks begining of next session's chapter)
  • each Section is accessed per session in a "loop", while maintaining the reading position in other sections.

    This easy approach ...

  • accelerates readers' familiarity with major parts of the Bible,
  • gives rapid exposure to one or more captivating sections while
  • minimizing time on difficult parts,
  • encouraging the reader to "jump ahead" without guilt to the captivating fulfillment by Christ,
  • motivating impatient readers needing frequent reinforcement and change,
  • focusing effort on reading, not discussion, to meet modern time constraints,
  • helps people with brief attention spans, and
  • encourages independent progress.

The present system is built (superimposed) upon the classic Protestant and Catholic Bibles consisting of the OLD TESTAMENT [Five Books of Moses, History of the Kings of Israel, Wisdom Literature, Major and Minor Prophets] and the NEW TESTAMENT [Four Gospels of Jesus Christ, the History of Christ's Church and the Letters to the Churches]. The Bible has been widely proclaimed as written by "Men Moved By The Holy Spirit Spoke From God" (2 Peter 1.21). Such Bible as a component of this method retains its classical structure underneath the ARL method's visually-indicated "sections" structure.


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